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  • context: -_nest_parent_:*
  • spatial query: MULTIPOLYGON(((134.99568365514276 -26.19527273433376,135.01216314733028 -26.333202511238092,135.17695806920528 -26.347970976353704,135.21541021764278 -26.559444796199834,135.42964361608028 -26.55453121523155,135.50105474889278 -26.746004549622867,135.98445318639278 -26.746004549622867,137.26985357701778 -27.596325950607948,137.42366217076778 -27.586589068547454,137.46211431920528 -27.53789169280039,138.07185553014278 -27.54276240236122,138.05537603795528 -27.274553435606705,138.37397955358028 -27.259905154293023,138.37947271764276 -26.6331232200471,137.40168951451778 -26.106517192245445,134.99568365514276 -26.19527273433376)))
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Exclude environmental DNA and fossil specimen records -basisOfRecord:"FOSSIL_SPECIMEN" AND -(basisOfRecord:"MATERIAL_SAMPLE" AND contentTypes:"Environmental DNA")
Exclude duplicate records -(duplicate_status:"ASSOCIATED" AND duplicateType:"DIFFERENT_DATASET")
Exclude records with scientific name related quality assertions -assertions:TAXON_MATCH_NONE AND -assertions:INVALID_SCIENTIFIC_NAME AND -assertions:TAXON_HOMONYM AND -assertions:UNKNOWN_KINGDOM AND -assertions:TAXON_SCOPE_MISMATCH
Exclude absence records -occurrenceStatus:ABSENT
Exclude records with open user assertions -userAssertions:50001 AND -userAssertions:50005
Exclude records with event date pre 1700 -year:[* TO 1700]
Exclude records with location related data quality assertions -establishmentMeans:"MANAGED" AND -decimalLatitude:0 AND -decimalLongitude:0 AND -assertions:"PRESUMED_SWAPPED_COORDINATE" AND -assertions:"COORDINATES_CENTRE_OF_STATEPROVINCE" AND -assertions:"COORDINATES_CENTRE_OF_COUNTRY" AND -assertions:"PRESUMED_NEGATED_LATITUDE" AND -assertions:"PRESUMED_NEGATED_LONGITUDE"
Exclude records that are an outlier (not within the expected range) against 3 or more environmental layers according to a reverse jacknife test -outlierLayerCount:[3 TO *]
Exclude records with a spatially suspect flag. -spatiallyValid:"false"
Exclude records with high uncertainty -coordinateUncertaintyInMeters:[10001 TO *]
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SA Fauna Creative Commons Attribution (International) (CC-BY 4.0 (Int)) 21
South Australian Museum Adelaide provider for OZCAM CC-BY 14
SA Flora Creative Commons Attribution (International) (CC-BY 4.0 (Int)) 9
eBird Australia Creative Commons Zero (CC0) 7
Museums Victoria provider for OZCAM CC-BY 2
BirdLife Australia, Birdata CC-BY-NC 2
AD AVH Data This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) 4.0 License. 1
First Bird Atlas CC-BY-NC 1
Historical Bird Atlas CC-BY-NC 1