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Datasets (36)

Name Licence Record count
NSW BioNet Atlas Creative Commons Attribution (International) (CC-BY 4.0 (Int)) 14,786
iNaturalist Australia CC-BY-NC-Int 5,558
WildNet - Queensland Wildlife Data Creative Commons Attribution (International) (CC-BY 4.0 (Int)) 2,960
Fauna Atlas N.T. Creative Commons Attribution (Australia) (CC-BY 3.0 (Au)) Data supplied is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License. 2,954
South Australian Museum Adelaide provider for OZCAM CC-BY 2,236
Western Australian Museum provider for OZCAM Creative Commons Attribution (International) (CC-BY 4.0 (Int)) Western Australian Museum, 1,201
Queensland Museum provider for OZCAM CC-BY 1,060
Australian Museum provider for OZCAM Creative Commons Attribution (Australia) (CC-BY 3.0 (Au)) Australian Museum, Creative Commons Attribution (Australia) (CC-BY 3.0 (Au) 3.0) 884
Northern Territory Museum and Art Gallery provider for OZCAM Creative Commons Attribution (Australia) (CC-BY 3.0 (Au)) 740
Earth Guardians Weekly Feed Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial (International) (CC-BY-NC 4.0 (Int)) 636
SA Fauna Creative Commons Attribution (International) (CC-BY 4.0 (Int)) 609
ALA species sightings and OzAtlas CC-BY 244
Victorian Biodiversity Atlas Creative Commons Attribution (International) (CC-BY 4.0 (Int)) Copyright in the data and materials resides with the copyright owners as indicated next to the detailed records. In any reproduction, distribution or publication of the data, or in any use or adaptation of the data to create derivative works, the user must include a citation which attributes the source of the data and the date the data was published, as follows: Data Source: 'Victorian Biodiversity Atlas', © The State of Victoria, Department of Environment and Primary Industries (published [month, year]). Data Source: 'Victorian Biodiversity Atlas', (c) The State of Victoria, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (published [month, year]). Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial (International) (CC-BY-NC 4.0 (Int) 4.0) 241
Museums Victoria provider for OZCAM CC-BY 201
Australian National Wildlife Collection provider for OZCAM CC-BY Data is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia license. Sound files associated with specimen records are not available for download and re-use. Please contact the Australian National Wildlife Collection for more information. 166
HerpMapper Creative Commons Attribution (International) (CC-BY 4.0 (Int)) 94
Encyclopedia of Life Images - Flickr Group Creative Commons - license at record level (Creative Commons - license at record level) 61
Northern Territory WildWatch Creative Commons Attribution (Australia) (CC-BY 3.0 (Au)) 57
NatureMapr Creative Commons Attribution (Australia) (CC-BY 3.0 (Au)) Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (Australia) 56
Tanami Pipeline Project Records Creative Commons Attribution (Australia) (CC-BY 3.0 (Au)) 53
Northern Gulf Fauna Survey CC-BY-NC 41
BowerBird Creative Commons - license at record level (Creative Commons - license at record level) The rights of material uploaded by users to the BowerBird website are owned by those users. Each user will nominate the type of license that can apply to their content - BowerBird encourages the Creative Commons License but users have the right to deny use of their content. Please respect the license wishes of the user's content. For all other material, including the content, design and source code of BowerBird other than user-contributed material, is under the Open Source and Creative Commons licenses. You may use this material. 34
Entangled Wildlife Australia other 18
Brisbane City Council Creative Commons Attribution (Australia) (CC-BY 3.0 (Au)) 18
Logan City Council Species Sightings Logan City Council, Queensland 18
Surveys of Orpheus Island by James Cook University staff and students Creative Commons Attribution (International) (CC-BY 4.0 (Int)) Stewart Macdonald and Eric Nordberg 10
University of Canberra - Wildlife Genetics Database Creative Commons Attribution (International) (CC-BY 4.0 (Int)) 8
Lizard Island Research Station CC-BY 5
Buccaneer Archipelago Herps Survey Creative Commons Attribution (International) (CC-BY 4.0 (Int)) Conditions of Access All users need to acknowledge and agree to the following conditions before using NatureMap content: Data within NatureMap is provided with the participation and good will of data custodians and I will endeavour, where possible, to seek a collaborative approach with custodians in any research or papers published using NatureMap data. Re-sale of raw data or the commercial use of images or descriptive text (other than generated maps, species lists and reports) on this site is unauthorised unless written permission is obtained from the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC). Appropriate and full acknowledgement of DEC and species data custodians (see Data Directory) must always be given in any publication that includes data sourced here. Data provided through NatureMap represents positive records of flora and fauna occurrence. The absence of a record should not be taken to mean flora or fauna is necessarily absent from an area. (To minimise the effect of data gaps, a buffer area should be applied that is reflective of the likelihood of surveys or collections having been undertaken in the target area.) My username and password will not be passed on to any other person or organisation. DEC and data custodians reserve the right to revoke registration if the above conditions of access are not complied with. I will notify DEC if any relevant conditions change that might affect my NatureMap authorisation level. Also note: Custodians have kindly granted permission to allow relatively large subsets of data to be downloaded for a wide range of uses, including within a commercial context. Note, however, it is not NatureMap policy to allow the downloading of entire datasets It is current custodian policy to only grant Advanced Access (see the Registration page) for bona fide research or conservation planning purposes. This does not extend to use within a commercial context. While this may appear restrictive, in fact basic registration provides a great deal of information on both conservation and non-conservation taxa, and all users are encouraged to explore NatureMap's sophisticated querying and mapping capabilities. DEC's Species and Communities Branch continues to provide information on detailed localities of conservation taxa to consultants and other commercial users on a fee-for-service basis. Fair Use Guidlines As stated above, we want as many people as possible to make use of the data available within NatureMap, so long as that use is "fair". It is considered fair for anyone to use information from NatureMap for conservation or planning purposes, including incorporating that information into reports or papers, or summarising and value-adding to data. It is not considered fair use to download raw data and on-sell it. That would contravene copyright. It is also bad business, because anyone could obtain the same data directly from NatureMap. Of particular note: Maps, species lists, reports and raw data may be freely used by anyone, including commercial consultants, for research, planning, generating reports and compilations, or for personal use, so long as the above conditions of access are complied with. Raw data, i.e. bulk detail records of individual locations that have been downloaded from NatureMap and not summarised, compiled or modified in any substantial way, may not be on-sold or rebadged without written permission from the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC). This is consistent with Australian Copyright law. Other descriptive text and images, such as Thematic content on wetlands or ecological attributes, remain the property of NatureMap and copyright holders and may not be used without written permission from DEC. For full terms of use see Copyright page at 3
Auswildlife CC-BY-NC 3
Gaia Guide Creative Commons Attribution (International) (CC-BY 3.0 (Int)) 3
B4C Road Kill Map Creative Commons Attribution (Australia) (CC-BY 3.0 (Au)) 2
Wairambar Rainforest Species List Creative Commons Attribution (Australia) (CC-BY 3.0 (Au)) 2
Queen Victoria Museum Art Gallery provider for OZCAM Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial (International) (CC-BY-NC 4.0 (Int)) Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial (International) (CC-BY-NC 4.0 (Int) 4.0) 1
ALA website image uploads CC-BY 1
Thredbo Park Bushcare Group Creative Commons Attribution (Australia) (CC-BY 3.0 (Au)) 1